Cheap hotels in London


Hotels you should try in London. What makes them the best for low budget travelers? And cons of every hotel?

Hotels in London

London is a big city and it’s of the world biggest cities, that’s why it is over-crowded and streets are always busy. For the same reason it is easy to find cheap hotels in London as it has enormous number of hotels with many facilities and different types of pricing.
Here is a list of the cheapest and most beautiful hotels in London, that you won’t regret staying there and also advantage of each one and its facilities.

Church Street Hotel

If you want to stay in a unique Spanish hotel, church street hotel is what you are looking for. The staff there are very friendly and you will feel at home. Furniture and establishment of the place make it one of the best low-budget hotels in London. It’s a very enjoyable hotel. Every room in the hotel is decorated separately, which adds more fun to your stay. in addition to that, You won’t feel bored at all as the hotel is full of warmth and happiness.
Regarding bathrooms, they are well equipped and nicely decorated. There are a lounge bar and an amazing restaurant serving the best dishes in London at very affordable prices.
The hotel is great for low-budget as you can have a doubled room there and only pay 90$.
Hotel Address: 29-33 Camber well Church Street SE5
Phone: +44 (0) 20-7703 5984
Website to book online:



This hotel is very unique as it’s designed like a machine! It’s wonderful to live in such hotels for sure! The founders of the hotel felt they done enough with traditional hotels styles and want to make something new to attract more guests, that’s why they designed Stylotel this way. You will be amazed when you watch the Aluminum covering every inch of the hotel. Also, The rooms have also ceiling mirrors and furniture made from illuminated glass in a lovely design you would certainly fall in love with if you like modern and technology. In the same time, you won’t feel full in this hotel as the design is also very simple. You can book a double room in such wonderful place and only pay 85$
Hotel Address: 160-162 Sussex Gardens W2,
Phone: +44 (0)20-7723 1016.
Website to book online through:

Arosfa Hotel

From the first moment you spend in Arosfa Hotel, the décor will touch your heart. It’s one of the best hotels in London without a doubt. The place is black and red in a fascinating way. If you like reading, they care for you too much providing massive books in nearby academic bookstores. in addition to that, if you like nature and want to find some time for yourself, there is a garden to make you have the best start. You can book a double room in Arosfa Hotel and only pay 97$ which is great compared to other hotels of the same class.
Hotel Address: 83 Gower Street WC1
Phone: +44 (0)20-7636 2115
Website to book online through:

Twenty Nevern Square

It’s totally different from other hotels that you would think they all copy of a copy of a copy. It has its spirit. The hotel has 20 rooms and each one is designed separately having its own décor and color. Many styles to choose what suits you from European décor to oriental designs. Being a low budget hotel doesn’t mean you won’t have well-designed furniture and that’s what Twenty Nevern Square proves. The place is very clean and tidy. There is awash marble to make your stay comfier. And yet the joy doesn’t end with the garden square surrounding the place and being near metro station. You can book a double room in this hotel for only 79$
Hotel Address: Nevern Square SW5
Phone: +44 (0)20-7565 9555
Website to book online through:

Avo Hotel


Avo hotel comes from Avocado. It means “you’re welcome” in many languages which is a great name for hotels. The staff are very generous and funny. Everything about the place is amazing from modern décor to very chic furniture. You will find black tiles and chrome fittings that you would fall in love with. in addition to that, Every room of Avo hotel is designed to make you feel that you are living in a palace. What’s more amazing about it, you can visit the Hackney Empire and Lido which are located nearby Avo Hotel.
Hotel Address: 82 Dalston Lane E8
Phone: +44 (0)20-3490 5061
Website to book online through:

Arran House Hotel

One of the most relaxing hotels in London that you should consider if you are looking for a quiet room with amazing sofas. Also, It has its own design and sculptor that you won’t feel that you left your homeland at all. Also, the hotel has its own amazing rose garden which makes it so special compared to other hotels. also, it’s very near to all the historical places and important buildings in the city so that you can enjoy all activities without spending much time on transportation.
Hotel Address: 77-79 Gower St WC1,
Phone: +44 (0)20-7636 2186,
Website to book online through:

55 Hotels

Another great example for amazing cheap hotels in London. The place has muted colors which bring joy and calmness to any guest. If you like Japanese food and Sushi, you can eat in the restaurant which makes very delicious Japanese food and also opened 24/7. About the prices of booking a room in 55 Hotels, it varies greatly according to which season you are planning to stay there but we are sure that you will find a nice double room in 55 Hotel and pay around 65$ for it.
Also, You can plan for your travel to London to stay away from holidays and vacations to avoid crowd in historical places and to ensure that you will find cheap hotels without much effort for that.
Hotel Address: 55 Hangar Lane W5
Phone: +44 (0)20-8991 4450,
Website to book online through:
Cheap hotels in London
Hotels you should try in London. What makes them the best for low budget travelers? And cons of every hotel?

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