Ways to book cheap tickets


Cheap tickets are everyone dream, ways you need to learn so that you can spend less on traveling and have extra cash to spend on your vacation.

Finding cheap tickets

A lot of people feel worried when it comes to flying abroad and having a vacation outside their homeland because of the prices of tickets. With these ways, you can make the best deal very easily. Actually, there are many travel and booking sites to explore and there also many prices for each flight so it’s important to provoke these ways in order to help you book cheap tickets.

how to book cheap tickets

Many travelers like to apply the following rule: “book flights on Tuesday to ensure having cheap tickets” this is a very simple strategy that you can start with. But a more awesome one is exploring flights pricing of the month to find the idea cheap tickets you are looking for by using this way:
Visit the Skyscanner site (or you can do it by installing their application on your mobile phone).
Choose the city you are leaving and your arrival place.
Choose the option: one way “even if you are planning to make a round trip as in this way you will get better prices for cheap tickets”.

If you are using their site: don’t specify a certain date for departure in order to show the whole month prices to find cheap tickets easier and faster. Go through all the dates of the month and choose what suits you.
Another great option is using search travel engines which give you more information about cheap tickets dates and when you should fly out.

If you are using their mobile application: you need to click on departure date and after that, change your view mode to be “chart”, swipe between the results in order to find the cheap tickets you are looking for.
This method is also great for determining your return flight date.
Yes, you can book a round trip if you want but booking each one separately ensure that’s you’re getting the best deal.

Use booking Websites

cheap tickets
cheap tickets

You also use Kiwi.com or Google flights. Both sites do the same as Skyscanner website. Moreover, they have a map view which helps you choose your departure and arrival destination by clicking on it in the map shown to you. Another awesome website that you can use is the Hopper site. This website provides analysis of available tickets prices and then give you information based on their techniques of prediction that for sure will be of a great help booking your next flight.

Buy tickets in bulk

Indeed, this is the best way to get cheap tickets. If you have a fixed timetable you can book all your coming flights together to get cheaper tickets. But in this way, you have to book your tickets using certain airline or airlines that give offers and sales together.

An example if you want to fry back to London city through United Airlines, the best option is using 2 tickets one-way. This is of course not a rule as in certain cases you will find that booking each ticket separately is a little bit cheaper. This way is not ideal and doesn’t guarantee to have the cheapest tickets without using websites like Skyscanner, Google flights or similar travel booking sites. So you need to use it with any analysis website to make sure to works.

Search incognito

It’s a very important way you need to consider to find cheap tickets. Have you searched before for certain flights and noticed that the prices had increased the next time you visited the same site using your web browser? That’s because they get information from your web browser. You can cancel this by using incognito search. Airlines try to push you to buy their tickets before the price increases again that’s why they raise prices more and more if you are not using incognito search.

Search and explore different airlines in incognito mode to make sure that you are going to book cheap tickets.
If your browser is Google Chrome or Safari browser you can do it easily. Search for the incognito mode option or do it by pressing control + shift + N if you are searching using your laptop or PC. Another important tip is clearing your history and search data each time you visit the site even if you are exploring the site in incognito mode. To erase all your date, just close the incognito windows and open it again.

Use flight search engines

They are the best option for all travelers. You can use Skyscanner, Airfare watchdog or any reliable search engine. Skyscanner website is a user-friendly one and very accurate. You can use it to book any ticket to any place. Skyscanner application is also fast and accurate where you can book your next cheap tickets deals in zero time wherever you are. Airfare Watchdog website is the best place for those who are looking for sales and error fares made by airlines. Another great travel search engine is Momondo. You might find perfect deals in this site that you won’t find them on any other website.

It’s very important to compare prices from different search engines to ensure that you’re having the cheapest flights. It’s more like you’re hunting for your dream trip tickets, that’s why you need to work hard and smart. Don’t just book the nearest cheap tickets you find being worried that you might not find such a deal again. The cheapest flight ticket is always not easy, it’s more like a skill you learn with time. After a while, you will learn to book the cheapest flight faster knowing which places you should search and how exactly you can search for cheap tickets and get them!

Book connecting flights by yourself

This is a great way to travel cheaper. Book connecting flights separate from your main flight to have the best prices. Don’t be afraid of delays as it’s all on the airline itself if any something happened to your plan. It’s just extra free time in your connecting city!

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