How to find cheap flights easily


Cheap flights are easy to find with these ways. All you need to save more money and book affordable tickets to anyplace.

Cheap flights aren’t dreams

The last thing you want is spending much money on travel tickets. You want to the minimum the transportation expense to save more money to yourself and your vacation. Flight tickets are expensive compared to the money you spend on accommodation and food. But who said you can’t travel cheap? Finding cheap flights will change the trip atmosphere completely and will give the best traveling experience.

Whether you are thinking about taking a quick decision by booking fights at last minute or you are planning to travel months before your trip, we are with you to help you find means to help you book the ideal ticket.
Here we go with the top secret of flights you need to know to save more money and fly safely.

Make your flight secretly

Do you want to save your money and book an affordable ticket? Don’t tell anyone your destination! This comes also to travel agencies and search engines. As you see, almost all sites on the internet especially booking sites use “cookies”. They collect information about everything you do in the site and use them against you. They get the dates and departure and all the data you enter and then raise the ticket flights pricing according to the demand of customers. Knowing that you won’t be impressed the prices rise within minutes.
Yet, you can overcome this situation by making your search “incognito” which make your experience in the site totally private. This way the prices will be more reasonable as the search engine doesn’t know anything about your fight and your departure date. Incognito mode is always a great option to explore flights and compare between prices in a real way as the website doesn’t track your browser in this mode.

Widen your options

You don’t have to stick with one website on searching for tickets. Compare pricing of flights on different sites to ensure that you are getting the cheapest flight.
Most travelers use Google flights and make Momondo a great alternative for Google flights. Both sites are really great, accurate and easy to use. You can book your flight in no time. While many people find Google flight is the best as it gives you more accurate information. You will be amazed by knowing that Google flights data comes directly from airlines and their sites. You might find flights from some third-party sites on Google flights.
Momondo travel booking site is the best one for comparing flights pricing which is represented by booking sites and not the prices of airline agencies themselves. You can find many flights on Momondo to places that you never heard of before.


You need to know that some airlines don’t allow you to book from third-party websites. That’s why you need to book from their site directly, they try to control their prices and keep the best prices for their customers. Yet you can use Google flights and Momondo to find the best prices even if you have to book directly from the airline website for some airfares.

More Flexible Dates

Another great tip you need to apply to your flight and booking plan. Try to be flexible as much as you can. If you can control the departure and arrival date, this is great! And if you can control only one of them: this is also a money saving! You can save your money by avoiding traveling at weekends, ceremonies and holiday days. In this way, you can pick the best dates for traveling. You can’t imagine how affordable to travel on Wednesday than making a flight on Thursday or Friday!

You need to know the holidays of the country you’re traveling to and its working days to choose the right timing.
Booking with a calendar is great for comparing dates and switching between two dates to find the ideal flight time. You can use third-party booking sites for booking flights to know more about your plan tickets prices and how they are affected by holidays and weekends.

Use Award Miles

If you like to travel with a certain airline, you certainly earn award miles. You can know more about it by visiting its site and looking for “paying using award miles”
This will make your travel cheaper. Even if you can buy only a plane ticket using this award miles, it’s a very great way to book a flight without paying much money.
You can also use “partner flights”, this makes you enjoy extra sales on plane tickets.

Credit card reward points

Many credit card companies give their customers big rewards and points for traveling. Great examples for this are The Chase Sapphire Preferred and The American Express Platinum Card. If you use any of them you are very lucky as you can travel cheaper using their reward points. This is done easily by sending the points to the company you want to travel using it in order to make your flights much cheaper. You can now travel to any place you want without broking the bank.

Delta to stay away from close-in fees


If you are planning to use your reward miles to travel cheaper, some companies apply close-in fees. By with Delta, it’s totally different. This airline doesn’t charge for close-in fees.

And moreover, if you have a Medallion membership, you can travel on their first class or premium without paying extra money! Who said you have to pay much money in order to book a businessmen class ticket?
Another great airline company is southwest. This agency doesn’t charge for close-in fees. You can fly using the United to any place by using the United Mileage plus Club credit cards and pay less for your travel.

If you are a quick decision maker and want to add more fun to your life, you can book using last minute ticket. This way you will save up to 80% of the flights prices, you don’t know what your next great destination is!

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