Malaysia places you must visit


Malaysia is a beautiful country full of wonderful places, cultures, and activities. Here are our favorite places that you can’t miss.

Why Malaysia


You can simply do everything in Malaysia. From exploring isolated islands to visiting ancient places and taking unforgettable photos. You will find nature lovely landscapes and modern restaurants and hotels.
These are the best places in Malaysia:

Malacca City, Malacca

It’s a very attractive place which tourists like to visit everywhere in the world. It’s full of history and culture. You will find the best food and you can stroll through the famous Jonker street and visit their joyful market. Everywhere you go to Malacca city you will feel the spirit of many cultures.

Kuala Lumpur

Another great place in Malaysia that you would fall in love with. Although it’s a big city and you might think that it’s boring like other Asian big cities. It’s totally different from Kuala Lumpur. No one visits this amazing city and wants to leave it.
You will notice a great mixture of Malay, Chinese and Indian cultures in the city. You must visit Petronas Towers and Menara KL amazing tower. Kuala Lumpur is an excellent choice to start your journey around Malaysia Country.


It’s a big island located on the west coast of Malaysia which all citizens are proud of it. How can’t they be!
This island is considered a UNESCO heritage site where you can find many historical sites and lovely museums to visit. You will find also many historic homes and traditional music and food.
Sample incredible street food is the best in this Malaysian island where you can find all types of food in Malaysia in one place. Don’t forget visiting the waterfront esplanade where you can find many activities and outstanding places to visit.

Perhentian Islands

The best place to visit in Malaysia if you’re low in budget. You participate in many joyful events there like exploring new places, snorkeling, and diving all day and going to lovely night parties on the beach. From Perhentian islands, you can visit the big island nearby them where you can see the blue water and go to music festivals.

Malaysian Borneo

Who said that it’s hard to find heaven on the earth didn’t visit Malaysian Borneo for sure. It is famous for its green rainforests which you can visit only by paying money to a very cheap flight ticket!
You can visit endangered orangutans and stroll through the rainforest where you can forget all about your routine and feel happy surrounded by forest. You must include Malaysian Borneo to any trip you make to Malaysia to take the best photos there.

Taman Negara

Those two words are translated to “national park” in Malay. It’s a very great place and considered the oldest national park found in Malaysia. What is more amazing about Taman Negara is that it’s the oldest tropical rainforest in the world. You certainly would enjoy watching the life high in the trees which you can’t see in any other place as clear as Taman Negara in Malaysia.
Don’t miss visiting the waterfalls and taking photos of the birds. You can also go fishing and rafting and watch the wild elephants there. It would be great to sleep across the river in Kuala Tahan and from there you can take a boat to reach the park entrance.

Cameron Highlands

The weather in Cameron Highlands is totally different from other Southeast Asian places in Malaysia. It’s very cold at night that’s why you need to bring heavy clothes with you. It’s full of lush scenery and amazing tea plantations to visit.
You can also visit the Strawberry farms and butterfly gardens. People, there are very friendly and like tourists very much as you would enjoy their hospitality and food. You can also visit the flower greenhouses and explore Cameron highlands different destination by yourself.

Tioman Island

This amazing island is located on the east coast of Malaysia country and it’s near to Singapore, Tioman. It’s a very unique place which is famous for its cheapness and lovely accommodation at the same time. Although this island is not a big one, it’s full of many kinds of beaches some of them are secluded and others are very busy depending on the weather and the season you’re willing to visit Malaysia in. you can also take a trip around the island on a boat. And instead of that if you’re a fan of wild like you can explore the jungle through walking through it in groups or with a tour guide to show you important places in Tioman Island that you can’t visit Malaysia without passing by them.


It’s considered one of the most visited destinations in Malaysia as many tourists and local citizens enjoy going to this lovely place. That’s because it has many lovely places to visit between the largest indoor aquarium and the outstanding Maiden lake. You can take the best photos their and make unforgettable moments with your friends there. it’s easy to reach Langkawi from any place in Malaysia or you can fly to Langkawi directly as you can for sure find suitable tickets to visit this amazing place.


Another great example to show you how beautiful is Malaysia is Selangor and how little you know about it and its famous places. It’s a very modern and populated state which is located up to Kuala Lumpur’s urban sprawl.
If you want to buy clothes or find interest events this state will fulfill you with its enormous malls and big markets. And when you finish your shopping you can then visit the highlands at any time you want. This place is considered another version of Vegan located in Malaysia. It’s famous for having the first hotel in the world which has 6118 rooms to choose among them and also a theme park.
The scent of this state doesn’t come from its malls and concrete. It’s all about Batu Caves where you will find large crowds and amazing shows that certainly will bring much joy to your visit to Malaysia.

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