Best places to visit in Asia


What are the Best places to visit in Asia? Places to go in each destination and fun activities from insiders.

Best Asia countries to visit

Asia is a great continent that people from all over the world like tourism there. It is a magnificent area full of natural wonder and fascinating wildlife. There are many things to do. It’s really difficult to determine which are the best places to visit in Asia but we worked really hard to choose must-visit destinations. You don’t have to think too much! A lifetime of joy and happiness awaits!

The Taj Mahal

Many people consider it the most romantic building in the world. Without a doubt, it of the greatest monuments architectural masterpieces in the whole world.
It needed more than 20000 workers to be done in more than two decades. It’s perfect, you can see that from the skilled artisans which were brought from different places to ensure heist quality materials from all regions of Asia. If you are traveling to Asia or heading to India, Taj Mahal is a must-visit destination.

Busan, South Korea

You have to visit Busan if you want to enjoy a nice time by the sea and climb mountains in the same vacation. It has fascinating beach getaway and offers eclectic many things to do there that suits all tourists. What makes it of the best places to visit in Asia its many activities. You can hike hills to Buddhist famous temples, go to hot springs and eat delicious seafood dishes at Jagalchi, one of the largest fish markets in Busan.
You can enjoy different vibes in Busan especially its colorful events which are a great chance to know more about the country’s cultural heritage and history. From traditional performances to street dance shows. If you are lucky, you can attend the international film festival to enjoy its amazing atmosphere.


It’s the favorite spot in Asia for many travelers. It has many mosaic-clad mosques and famous for silk road lore. it first traveling to Uzbekistan was a bit tough but in late 2017, the country policies changed at all. It announced visa-free and e-visa schemes to attract tourists from all over the world. Also, the government made transportation enhancements and now it has high-speed rail networks so you can simply go to any place in Uzbekistan in no time. People there are known for their hospitality and generosity that you won’t feel you are away from home.

Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

It’s located on the south of the country and it’s getting cooler every year that’s why we have to mention it in the best places to visit in Asia list. Wherever you go in Ho Chi Minh City you can see vintage clothes shops and coffee shops. The city is famous for its local music scene thanks to great selections of eclectic venues.
You can stroll down the street and explore many attractions in the city such as the War Remnants Museum, which makes many historical displays. The food restaurants are unique. Moreover, you can find accommodation that suits you easily. From the first sight, you would recognize that this buzzing Asian megalopolis would always remain the favorite for tourism coming from all over the world, that’s why you have to visit the city at least once in your life.

Western Ghats, India

best places to visit in Asia
best places to visit in Asia

One of best Asia countries to visit is India, and you have to visit steamy southern highlands to make your adventure in India totally worth it. The vibes of western Ghats resembles Shimla and Darjeeling with adding the wildlife experience.
You must visit Goa and Maharashtra to enjoy biodiversity at its best in the world. It’s a great chance to see wild elephants and tigers in their natural environment. You can also see the neelakurinji famous flower that blooms once every twenty years! If you want to enjoy the real beauty of Western Ghats, go to it between August and October to see the hills painted in Purple cheerful color. Wherever you go, you can see coffee, spice and tea plantations. Waterfalls and mountain railways are very charming. It’s always great to visit western Ghats compared to crowded northern uplands in India

Nagasaki, Japan

The reasonable tourism in Nagasaki occurs in August. It’s a very calming and peaceful place. You have to visit the tranquil Nagasaki Peace Park and the famous Atomic bomb museum there. You will find many things to see and to do in Nagasaki that your time will always be full. What makes it of the best places to visit in Asia, its characteristic east-meets-west vibe and the influence of Christianity that you can feel in Nagasaki. Many tourists come to hike the routes of the city and see the volcanic amazing hills which make your vacation in Japan one the best in your lifetime.

Chiang Mai, Thailand

It’s very famous among the best Asia countries to visit as the
tourism there is very active. Chiang Mai full of temples and grand. Every place you go in the city you can feel the pages of history.
Although you can feel the history coming from antique jeweler and streets, people there are very creative and kind. You can attend exciting music events. A great place you must go to the city is Stupas where you can find latte art and many well-organized restaurants serving the best dishes in the country. It’s also a great place to go shopping and take unforgettable photos. Many people come to visit the city just to see the award-winning MAIIAM contemporary Art Museum which draws big attention to the city in the last few years. If you are a big fan of art, this place will completely satisfy your need. Actually, Chiang Mai itself made a big difference in the traditional and modern art in the last few decades which make it of best places to visit in Asia.
What’s your favorite destination in Asia? Do you want to visit any of the cities that we mentioned? Tell us more about your experience and dream destinations!

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